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Live for travel is an Australian owned travel agency and tour operator based in Brisbane. The name 'Live for travel resonates well with the dream of its founder who was born in a small farm village in China with a passionate dream to travel the world. The scant resources didn’t stop the founder to live her dream of travelling the world. Today she is a well-travelled individual with well over a decade of travelling experience. During this span, she has had the privilege of meeting people from different communities all over the world to learn about their culture as well as their cuisine. These experiences also taught her how to travel safe and have a good time. Live for travel is an initiative started by her to share her experience and insights with all those who yearn to travel but could never live their dream. Her rich expertise in the field of travel comes in handy while planning itineraries for the discerning traveller.

Today the team at Live for travel boasts of providing unique travel packages and tours that allow our customers to experience Australian culture, history, amazing food and life. Our passion for travel reflects in how we design, develop and organise our travel and tour packages.

Our ideology about travel is simple. We believe that the best travel is the travel that is done in a relaxed setting and at a tranquil pace. It is for this reason our expert tour operators plan your trips in such a manner that you get ample time discovering a place. We also feel that lasting memories are derived when you completely immerse yourself in the surroundings and not otherwise. We encourage you to tie-up with us for a tour rather than watch your dream destinations on a television.

When travelling with us, we ensure that we create an amazing and unforgettable travel experience each and every time. Whether you are looking for an organised tour or a custom made travel plan, our team of friendly and skilled travel specialists can create the perfect package to fit your needs.

With our passion and love of travel, anything is possible!

At Live for travel, we create experiences rather than simple tours

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