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Altro Aquarius - Safety Flooring

Altro Aquarius is the latest technological advancement in safety flooring. This latest innovation is not only safe for soft soled shoe but also works equally well when you are wearing your trainers or any other hard soled shoes thus offering a surface which is compatible with all shoe types.

This amazingly advanced flooring product qualifies for a pendulum test value of more than 36 and class B to DIN51097 for barefoot use and offers optimum slip resistance equally well in both wet and dry environments.

Earlier the studded safety flooring was the only option to ensure that a particular surface could be useful for barefoot users as well as people wearing soft soled shoes. These kinds of surfaces are normally required in pool surrounds or areas which are generally wet like shower rooms and changing rooms where you cannot really predict what kind of what kind of shoes a user might wear. Given the nature of the requirement one was not sure not too sure which kind of flooring should be installed; whether studded or the standard safety flooring. With the launch of Altro Aquarius all these problems are taken care of as this flooring provides a universal surface which is safe for any kind of use.

But all this success didn’t happen overnight for Altro Aquarius. It took them three years of continuous effort based on customer’s feedback to evolve with a product which had a unique advantage. The Altro Aquarius flooring has been tested with various kinds of shoes to ensure safety these include rubber shoes, soft soled shoe, hard soled shoe, trainers, leather shoes and even slippers. All these test results give the customer the much needed comfort while opting to buy flooring which is safe for its users. The Altro Aquarius takes care of your multiple worries while supplying a product which ensures the safety of your client.

This sturdy flooring has a wide range of applications and can be used in a variety of places including Hospital bathrooms, hotel bathrooms, social housing bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, spa, sauna and hydrotherapy rooms.

The product offers a warranty of 10 years and offers slip resistance which measures up to R 10 for both wet and dry surfaces.

You can buy this product from Every Floor Direct who is the UK's largest Altro flooring stockists, offering a full installation and free samples service.

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