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Big Industry show partners with High Times & Galleria for what could be the most spectacular 420 lifestyle event - A press release

Get ready to witness the flamboyance when this 5 day lifestyle event starts on April 16 and goes on until April 20th, 2014 in Denver. It is the first time that these 3 giants have come together to co-host what could be the most phenomenal 420 lifestyle event of 2014. The grand event features 5 days of pulsating action for all you cannabis lovers out there. The first 2 days are devoted to business followed by 3 days of lifestyle events. The Big Industry show happens every year in collaboration with Galleria but it is the first time that they have shook hands with High Times to include the High Times Cannabis Cup as part of this 5 day mega event. So while the first 2 days are devoted to business where top vendors and buyers from across the globe representing the Head & Smoke shop industry will grace the occasion. The next 3 days are devoted to 420 lifestyle events (open to public) which include the worlds largest High End Glass Exhibition on the 3rd day followed by the hugely famous Cannabis Cup Expo on the 4th & the 5th day. Overall the entire event promises to be the first ever 420 lifestyle event of a kind and will be the largest of its kind considering its magnitude and coverage. To ensure that you are part of this once in a lifetime event, get your bookings done now.

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