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Colombia’s world cup success has heralded a new era

Colombia’s success in the current world cup is nothing short of a miracle looking at the way they were able to cast a magic spell.  History suggests that they have gone past the first stage only once and managed to win only one match in a single world cup until the current one went underway. Their goal chase was phenomenal this time around as they managed to score twelve goals from the total five matches that they played in this world cup. What makes the team they are today? Let us have a look.


Colombia’s fortunes as a football team changed when in the year 2011, Jose Pekerman the former Argentinian Coach took over. Four years down the lane and the results are there for everyone to see. The former coach has led from the front in trying to dig up the talent which laid latent in the Colombian team. His influence on nurturing the team well was indicative in their match against Japan when Colombia beat Japan 4-1 despite of the fact that their key players were made to rest for that match. Jose Pekerman’s off the field tactics have helped chisel the skills of some great players on the field and the Los Cafeteros now make a strong unit which includes the likes of midfielders such as James Rodriguez and Cuadrado. Given their success in the past few matches and in the run up to the quarterfinals it seems that whenever these two midfielders get together there is a high probability that they will hit the goal post with the assistance of each other. James Rodrigues has certainly done his country proud with his ability to go past the defenses of any country and to convert any given opportunity into possible goals. Nicknamed the little princess, he currently is a leading goal scorer and a strong contender for the golden boot award. Other players who bear a mention are Abel Aguilar, the central midfielder and the captain Mario Yepes as an important centre-back. All in all the team is a compact unit with good players to defend as well as strike when the opportunity arises. Their convincing win over Uruguay in the round 16 more than re-confirmed their successful tactics on the field.


The “Cafeteros” have succeeded in heralding a new era in their world cup history so far. Their brush-up against Brazil in the quarterfinals resulted in their first loss at this world cup but they have still managed to make their country proud by advancing to a stage they never reached before. The Columbian Soccer team’s dream run has instilled a hope in its people that their dream of someday holding the title aloft is not too far.


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