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Cultural Values and Language training are the two facets which contribute to Employee loyalty

Our cultural values and the language we speak is what really define us. In essence the persona that we carry is the outcome of how we speak and interact with our fellow colleagues. The transition from a personal life into a professional life involves a certain set of sacrifices on the part of the employee. He has to leave behind the leisure’s of personal living and adapt into a totally new environment which expects him to act in a more mature and professional manner. But the sacrifice is worth considering the fact that one needs to constantly evolve to surpass the realms of human endeavor and to contribute to the society in a significant way. To do so one needs to be enriched in the cultural values that a particular community resonates with. Besides this language is also a key component that defines one’s aura in a social set up. In a business set-up these two are the prized possessions one must have to enjoy a formidable growth. In fact these are two most important commonalities in his personal as well as professional life. An overt emphasis on these two aspects makes an employee reminiscent of his community and surroundings and he thus feels at home when working with an organization. This convivial environment not only brings out the best in him but also helps him to stay loyal with the company as he sees the professional work environment to be an important extension of his personal life. A well-bred employee connects with an organization on an intrinsic level and serves to create a long lasting equity for the company.

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