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Inquiring about showcasing a SaaS product presentation to a prospective customer - Sales email copy




A company is as good as its happy customers. To make this sound more meaningful I would want to spend some time with you to try and understand your company’s use of Twitter and specifically how you tend to monitor it.

In today’s fast paced world it is becoming increasingly important to attend to your customer queries. In this context, Twitter comes off as a great rescue as you can attend to your customer’s concerns in real time. The twitterverse is fast gaining importance amongst both business and the end user groups. But how do you tend to handle your queries on Twitter when this list of customer concerns becomes humungous and almost impossible to handle. Well, there is finally an innovative tool to help safeguard your worries. The new XYZ makes sense of Twitter!

XYZ is a new and exciting tool that can help monitor your Twitter account effectively. It’s unique feature helps provides intuitive visualisation of what your customers are saying about your brands and tends to give you snippets of the overall movement on your brand’s activity be it a product launch or campaign or even a public order event. These snippets are categorised based on specific topics, forums etc. and give a good gist of the ongoing situation. It serves well to enable a user to better address customers concerns in an effective and timely manner. Besides, the XYZ is way superior to the other conventional dashboard monitoring systems.

To take you through this all important initiative and help you maintain a good relation with your customer, I would ideally wish to spend some time with you to take you through this exciting tool. This could be worked out either by meeting you personally or taking you through a webinar to make you understand the simple and easy working of this superb tool. Let me know what suits you best. On my side, I will definitely make it a point to follow up with you in a couple of days to take this important discussion further.

For now, I wish to leave you with a wise thought.

“Getting a customer is easier but maintaining him takes a big effort.”

Look forward to spelling the above adage right. 

Kind regards


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