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Introduction of an advertising agency into the Educational Sector – Sales email copy example


Hello Mr. XYZ,

We are X, an award winning design agency poised to market our client’s brands.

We work on an effective premise and that is to transform our client’s brand into an enterprise. Not only do we help you retain your customers, we also make sure they end up being brand loyalists to your said brand. It is this framework of ideology that will help us transform your educational brand into an apostle of the academic fraternity. But before we yield more about what we can do for you, let us spell in a few words about ourselves.

We have been a sought after agency since our inception about five years ago. Our work has been instrumental in the Educational sector. We have worked with prestigious schools and universities such as X school and Y University to enable them become better brands. Besides the Educational sector, our credentials have helped us bag accounts with a whole host of national as well as International clients. Our ethos of keeping our customers at the heart of everything we do has essentially helped lend a great degree of credibility to our work. The results therefore are there to be seen.

We advise you to take a fair call. Here is an award winning design agency which has the much needed expertise to transform your educational institution into a promising brand.

Our work is no secret and stands out amidst the clutter. Have a prized look at how we helped the X school redefine its unique identity. The below link is case study of how we helped the X school in its objective to become a commendable school.

Note: Link has been removed to ensure confidentiality.

The above case study is just a fine representative of the work we have done in the Educational sector.

Having showcased our work and credentials, we would prefer to sit with you to try and understand your needs and start the transformational journey. Let us know how you wish to take this all important initiative forward.   

Thanking You

With Best regards


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