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List of 10 most important things to do while you were at the French Open

A few weeks more and most tennis fans would be gearing up to watch the French Open Live at the Roland Garros stadium. It is this time of the year every year that frenzied fans all over the globe line up in queues to watch the tennis action live on one of the best clay courts of the world. While the preparations are on to celebrate this grand slam tennis event, we thought it would be best to share with you the ‘10 things to do’ as part of your itinerary while you were there at the French Open. The idea behind these tips is to make your trip to the Grand Slam event more memorable by introducing you to the beautiful world of the Parisian charm. So here’s a recommended list of 10 things to do while you were at the French Open.

Immerse in the soulful music at Le Vieux Belleville

They say a visit to Paris is uneventful if you don’t happen to pay a visit to one of the bistro’s that have become a part of the culture of this vibrational city. The Le Vieux Belleville is one such Bistro which introduces you to the old world charm by playing traditional songs of Paris all night long. You can get a chance to hear the music of the well-known music legends such as "La Java Bleue" and Edith Piaf. The Bistro is set amidst a lively street where musicians take to the street with their instruments to make the atmosphere special. The ambience coupled with great food and music is what makes this Bistro a must visit.

Nearest Metro: Pyrenees Metro; Website:

Marche de la Creation: Your ticket to the original artworks

If you are an art lover but find it difficult to possess the artworks of your favorite artists then you should plan a visit to the Marche de la Creation. Located near Montparnasse, this short alley of stalls bemuses the visitor with the original artworks from their favorite artists. The place is conceived to be a direct platform enabling the artist to sell his piece of art directly to the art enthusiast. This enables the artist to sell at a lower cost than the prevailing art galleries and pass the benefit onto the art lover. So if you want to save some money while taking a walk down the alley and savoring at some of the best art pieces before contemplating to buy them, then it’s your place to be.     

Nearest Metro: Edgar Quinet Metro; Website:

Unravel the Macarons at La Cuisine Paris cooking school

Macaron is the most loved confectionary item of the Parisians. The bright colored bakery product is tricky to prepare and so it makes sense to learn this from an expert. Diane Nguyen, the pastry chef at La Cuisine Paris cooking school unravels the mysteries behind this preparation and churns out the best Macarons with her expert pair of hands. A two hour class worth a hundred dollars is the best way to master this great Parisian delicacy.

Nearest Metro: Hotel de Ville Metro; Website:

Discover Paris’s best bakeries 

Paris is well known for its pastries and breads. Infact there seems to be a rivalry between the pastry Chef’s and the bread makers. While the pastries and tarts seem to tantalize your taste buds, the breads of Paris are known for their unique taste. Almost all bakeries have the baguettes and loaves but it makes sense to have them at the best options while you were there for a short stay. Make sure to include the best ones into your itinerary. These include Eric Kayser, Lemarie, Moisan, Au Paradis du Gourmand and Boulangerie Gosselin.   

How to become a Parisian in one hour?

Laughter they say is the best medicine but it doesn’t sound true unless you get to experience the, “How to become a Parisian in one hour?” show. This one man (Olivier Giraud) show is bound to make you jump out of your seat for the heavy doses of laughter that it promises to feed you with. The one hour show throws insight into the Parisian way of living by poking fun at the way the French live and abide by their customs. The comedian act is a fun way to learn and become a Parisian in one hour.


Witness the Parisian charm on a bicycle

The best way to discover the streets of Paris is by hiring a bicycle. Placed near to Grand Cathedral Notre Dame is the Velib’, the Paris cycle scheme where one can hire a bike to discover the romantic environs of this beautiful city.


Enliven your spirit at the Le Marias 

Le Marais is one of the emerging places on the Parisian circuit. Whether you are a shopping fanatic or an avid foodie this place has it all to do justice to your motifs. Set amidst architectural surroundings it is the best place to wind up your day with a mix of shopping and leisure.

Nearest Metro: St-Michel-Notre-Dame Metro

Afternoon tea at Cours du commerce St Andre at St Germain des Pres and the Latin Quarter

The passage “Cours du commerce St Andre” derives its name from the picturesque boutiques that adorns this passage. A walk down this passage will make you a prime witness to one of the Paris’s most beautiful restaurants and café. The best way to rejoice here is to have an afternoon cup of tea while being engulfed in its beautiful environs.

Nearest Metro: Odeon Metro

Wine tasting sessions at the Legrand Filles et Fils wine shop

A trip to Paris is incomplete if you don’t happen to be part of the celebrations at the wine tasting sessions. Wine is an integral part of the French culture, the wine tasting sessions at Legrand Filles at Fils wine shop will delight your senses with its range of International wines which range from $ 14.5 table wines to $ 91,000 Bordeaux burgundy grand cru.

Nearest Metro: Bourse Metro; Website:

Test your wits at Hinthunt in Paris

Hinthunt is a fun way to test your wits through puzzles and mysteries and to rejoice along with family and friends.


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