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Paulette McWilliams takes a leap: signs up with the Sugo Music Group - A Press Release

In a significant development the renowned jazz singer Paulette McWilliams signed a global distribution deal with the Sugo Music Group. The move will help the jazz artist/singer reach out the world music listeners at large. Paulette has mesmerized listeners all over the world with her deep sultry velvety tones and a wide vocal range. The jazz icon’s voice has lent persona to many songs which have included hits like Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”, Aretha Franklin’s No.1 hit “Jump To It,” Billy Idol’s No. 1 hit “Mony Mony,” Luther Vandross’s “Stop To Love” and “Wait For Love,” and her contagious laugh and vocals on “Bad Boy/Having A Party,”.

Paulette McWilliams’ road to fame has involved working with a few of the best artists, performers and producers in the business, such as Quincy Jones, Luther Vandross, Bette Midler, Billy Idol, David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Lauryn Hill, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Patty LaBelle, Deborah Cox, Michael Jackson, and many others. Paulette’s singing talent seems to have been encoded in her DNA as she inherited this skill from her mother who used to sing all the time. Paulette’s journey as a singer began at the age of eleven when she first competed on the Amateur hour TV show. Though she stood second in the completion then, she was inspired and motivated by none other than the chief guest of that evening Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy and has since then never looked back. It is noteworthy to mention that she didn’t only ignite the world of jazz with her gifted vocals but also featured in a lot of TV commercials including Folgers Coffee, McDonalds, Diet Pepsi (with Britney Spears), Cadillac, Cover Girl, American Express, Celebrex, MasterCard, United Airlines, Budweiser Beer and the memorable, “Love Jones” tune Mercedes used triumphantly.

The four decades of touring and singing all over the globe has re-energized the artist to keep on pursuing her talent further rather than get exhausted by the age factor. At the age of 65, she still continues to awe her listeners with the versatility that she brings to the world of music. No wonder then that her voice has had an endearing influence on whichever category of music she undertook to perform, be it rock, jazz, house, Broadway or even the famous advertising jingles that play regularly on our television screens. The new deal with Sugo Music Group will further strengthen the resolve of the artist as she continues to stir the hearts of millions of her fans worldwide.

Sugo Music Group was founded in 1983 by artists, musicians and a savvy business entertainment team—and was built from the ground up. To this day, they still study the ever-changing music landscape, still research the newest trends and emerging markets, and still deeply care for their partners’ assets. Sugo Music built its distribution business on four cornerstones of industry excellence: premium service, uncompromising quality, unquestionable integrity, and great results. Over the past 30 years, they’ve distributed, sold and manufactured every type of music media (digital, CDs, cassette & vinyl) and delivered music products through every imaginable channel: internet, mobile, satellite, cable, music stores, gift shops, big box retailers, licensees, music supervisors and wholesalers. Based out of San Francisco, their service menu includes digital downloads, international radio airplay, music publishing, performance rights organizations, content identification, film & TV licensing, in-store music services & broadcasters, video distribution & monetization, and more. Sugo also offers an incomparable “A-La-Carte” distribution service so that musicians and record labels can choose specific services to complement their current distribution package. Contact them today at and discover why they are the perfect choice for your music and video products.

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