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Silver Powder-Coated Steel with Marble Dog Bone

This Silver Powder-Coated Steel urn could be the ideal proposition for preserving the memories of your stallion dog who guarded your house and belongings with utmost diligence. The solid looking and giant walls of this urn will remind you of the muscular physique that your dog used to possess. The sense of security that the dog provided might not be there but this craftsmanship shall surely continue to inspire you of your dog's solidarity and his demeanor. This steely piece of workmanship carries a marble dog bone on which your favorite dog always feasted. 

White and Red Marble Urn with Nameplate and Photo

This White and Red Marble Urn enthuses its vibrance into you and reminds you of the colorful times that you shared with your adorable pet. The chest shaped marble urn suggests the majestic nature of your pet and how she governed the surroundings. To add an apt tribute to her majesty there is a place holder for her photo and a name plate which adorns her name. Her vibrations could be felt with this splendid piece of craft.

White Marble Urn with Sleeping Cat

This white marble Urn truly reflects the gaiety with which your beloved cat lived her life. Her embrace simply meant that you were de-stressed with all life's worries. When she is not there is the true time that you will miss her the most so this white marble urn will go a long way to cherish her memories while she was not around. The white marble exteriors simply reflect her quality of soothing you when you were down and out, The chest shaped marble urn with a befitting sleeping cat's picture is the best way to remind you of the solace that your beloved feline yielded to you.

Wooden Doghouse Urn with Nameplate and Photo


This Wooden DogHouse Urn could be the perfect way to store the memories of your much loved Dog. Crafted as a true replica of a DogHouse this one shall serve as the ideal piece to commemorate the memories of your beloved pet. What's more, it has an option where you can place your dog's picture as well as his name plate and so serves as an appropriate tribute to the departed one. Admiring this piece would just bring alive the memories of the one and only cuddle buddy you ever had.

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