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The Reality of Music Streaming Royalties for Musicians and Record Labels!

Not so long ago Apple’s itunes was setting standards in the way music was getting sold online. It almost revolutionized the appetite for music for about a decade until when it finally fell prey to a newer technology, the music streaming services. The tastes of music fanatic had changed and the booming internet gave birth to music on the go i.e. the streaming service. Streaming services like Pandora and Spotify took to the fore and changed the way the music got sold and distributed across the world. Only time would tell if this change would bring about a renaissance for the music industry. But if the music listener’s outlook is anything to go by then the era of streaming music has begun and is here to stay.

The cumbersome downloading process is giving way to the much easier streaming process. In addition it supports your “on the move” lifestyle. Work happens on the move and music accompanies the same trend. The 21st century is not looking back but in fact marching forward in its full gaiety. Mobility in every form has taken over and smartphones have become an order of the day. The music producers have seized this moment very effectively and have made sure music follows you everywhere. The music streaming services seem to facilitate brilliantly this “on the move” culture. Strongly linked to this “on the move” psyche is their ability to provide the streaming services at affordable monthly subscriptions which allows a user to enjoy their favorite music from $5 to $10 per month.

How does this change affect the musicians and the record labels?

Well, simply said it affects their music royalties. Apparently they earn just a fraction of a cent for every streaming. The money seems trivial when you talk in fractions but remember this is purely a numbers game. So the more number of times that your track gets heard the more you earn. A classic case to quote here is the artist Psy’s “Gangnam style” video which apparently fetched $8 million in revenue whilst it was viewed a 1.2 billion times on YouTube.

While all these technological advancements would have a role to play on how to promote your music online, the challenge that still remains is to find a partner who offers global music distribution. The over burgeoning competition throws open a host of players but only a few become part of the final reckoning.

Sugo Music Group takes the lead here. Based out of San Francisco our roots in digital music distribution go back 30 years. Our distinguished and broad digital distribution portfolio has an established set up in over 125 countries. Our core target audience consists of digital download retailers, international radio airplay, music publishing, performance rights organizations, content identification, film & TV licensing, in-store music services & broadcasters, video distribution & monetization, and more. Having mastered the art of distributing music for the last three decades, we boast of a team of accredited quality personnel who ensure that all your audio, art and metadata are properly formatted, processed and delivered using stringent industry guidelines as well as adhering to all DMS requirements. Our flexible approach allows you to opt for a complete music distribution portfolio or instead opt for the A-La-Carte services based on your requirements.

At Sugo Music Group we have imbibed greatly to the spirit of the “on the move” culture and ensure that music plays according to the needs of a globally changing audience. Our well-bred team ensures that your music will be broadcasted, downloaded, licensed, sold and monetized throughout the world, and will be available in consumers’ homes, cars, workplaces and mobile devices for years to come. To make sure your music takes to new heights get in touch with us today and let us help you get plugged into your complete music distribution portfolio!

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