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What does web design mean and what is its intended purpose?

Web design essentially means the dynamics of a how a website must appear to the user so it serves its intended purpose. The intended purpose could vary depending upon the nature of the website. For example a website meant for charity should invoke the visitor to donate for the cause. Similarly an ecommerce website design should be such that it makes a user to buy the product. So in essence a website design should solicit action and to induce that action in the user is what a website design should exactly do. This calls for the appropriate use of colours and aesthetics keeping your target audience in mind. So for example if it’s a website for the teenagers it should be in those colours which appeal to this set of an audience. So in totality a web design should reflect the persona of your company and on the other hand it should invoke the intended action on the part of the user.

Besides the aesthetics and the colours another important aspect which is incumbent to the success of a website is the kind of design a website should have. This basically means whether it should be interactive or responsive design or maybe some other which serves its purpose. This also depends on which medium it needs to play itself on. So for example if you want the website to run on your smart phone then it makes sense to make it in a responsive design format. Similarly if the website needs to be run primarily for the PC user then it needs to follow the interactive design format. This and a whole lot of other intricacies need to be considered while designing a website. The decision on whether to use Flash to make the website more dynamic or to use JQuery also requires a certain degree of expertise on the part of the designer. The end result is simple. A website design should induce the user to take the action that it is intended for.

What is also important to understand here is the design process which needs to be followed to evolve with an appropriate design. At XYZ our years of expertise has led us to follow the following basic steps

Design Process:

  • Understanding your business
  • Wireframe
  • Mockup
  • Creating the PSD
  • Slicing the PSD
  • Handing it over to development

We make it a point to be diligent at every step so as to create a design which delivers results. We would endeavour to plan out every detail right which includes the right color scheme, appropriate placement of the call to actions buttons, effective screen layout, intuitive navigation, social media navigation, infographs etc.

At XYZ, we strive to make designs which help maximize your profits and increase your ROI. If our brief introduction has generated some interest in you, please call us know.

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