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World Tennis Travel: Tennis just got bigger

A Press Release

Did you ever think of combining your holiday plans with your passion for Tennis? Well now you can. And not only think but actually live it. This is what exactly World Tennis Travel or WTT brings to you. The launch of WTT will herald a new way in which you loved your favorite sport. No longer do you have to long to play your passion while you were away on a holiday as your passion now comes with you. This unique idea is the brainchild of its founder Sacha Vlamnyck, a veteran tennis coach and a full-time tennis enthusiast. Sacha says, “People are busy and strapped for time for everyday activities, let alone for any hobbies. Going on holiday is the best time to do what you love the most, and World Tennis Travel gives tennis fans the opportunity to link their passion for tennis with their desire for a great vacation.” 

Combining your passion with your dream destination is now just a click away. Just log onto and select your dream destination and simply pack your tennis gear to go down smashing on the courts. Tennis fans can use the site to find the best places to play around the world by selecting from a host of prestigious venues and opting for the preferred package and booking in one click. The website offers experiences for tennis fans of all ages and abilities. From relaxing escapes in luxury tennis resorts to high intensity tennis camps in world-class academies or fun social tennis events in exotic places, WTT will give users amazing places to play all over the globe. The site offers access to prestigious packages and exclusive experiences like the opportunity to play with tennis legends or a chance to play at the world-class Monte-Carlo Country Club in France.

While many tennis fans might reckon this to be a dream come true, it has long been an idea in its founder’s mind. “Being a tennis coach, I had many people that came to me for advice because they wanted to play during their holiday but complained it was quite complicated to organize. This is why we created World Tennis Travel. You can now find and book the best tennis holidays in one click” says Sacha.

The website gives an extensive description of the event, tennis club or resort that you will visit including information about the facilities, tennis programs available on site, coaching team, accommodation and the best things to do in the surrounding area.

The website will soon display a review section where tennis fans can share their reviews and photos of the venues they visited.  The website is currently available in English and will be translated in Chinese, French, Spanish and German in the next 6 to 12 months.

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