• Tarun Chhauda

    A communication professional, a traveler, an art lover, a critic, a twitterati, an aspiring trainer and a freelance writer



    I am Tarun from Incredible India.

    I am a person with varied interests. Given my temperament I have been lucky to be part of various professions which include copy-editing, public relations, advertising, event management, merchandising and off late it has been travel writing. Prestigious companies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Encyclopedia Britannica, Walmart & Lowe’s adorn my portfolio. While my communication experience has helped hone my skills with regards to defining a product or service, the merchandising experience has helped lent me the essential marketing knowledge of how a product reaches the market and sells thereafter. So here is a man who has witnessed every aspect of a product's life cycle and is willing to use that knowledge to harness your product's potential. I guess it was destined that I would take to writing someday because I got jobs based on my wandering nature as I wanted to experience something different each time. My experience working with different disciplines has given me adequate exposure and understanding of the world market. Now I can sit in one place or maybe live my passion i.e. traveling places and still attend to my clients from remote places around the globe. In fact I am of the opinion that the written word works like magic when you are on the move as whatever you write is the product of a fresh mind which is immersed in a new set of surroundings. I hope my pursuit of wandering through jobs along with places via my passion for travel has lent me enough grey matter to do justice to your assignments. I always see sincerity as my guard against the many challenging assignments that I am blessed with every now and then.

    My specialty includes all of the following.

    - Copy writing
    - Press release writing
    - Travel writing
    - Sales copy writing
    - Email copy writing
    - Review writing
    - Article writing

    - Biography writing

    - Email Marketing

    - Sports Feature writing


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    Freelance writer 

    May 2012 – Present

    Writing on diverse categories such as Travel, Sports, Music, Medicines, Drafting press releases, Writing Biographies, Sales Copy-writing, Email Marketing etc.

  • Client Testimonials

    Good clients stay with you forever

    A writer with a finesse

    I have worked with Tarun for quite some time and he comes across as a very sharp writer. He comprehends the requirements well and articulates them to perfection. He has done a great deal of articles and press releases for me in the "Health & Beauty" category and every time supplied me with a well written piece. I can certainly recommend him for this category.


    - Steve Hamlet, CEO, Salvere Sweden

    Exemplary writer always willing to learn

    I dont remember an instance where he was not receptive to our requirements. What surprised me is his innate ability to question things to get things right the first time around. He is willing to re-work on your copy umpteen times until it is etched to perfection. Hire him! You wont repent. Besides work he comes across as an easily accessible guy with no egos attached.


    - Stevan Pasero, CEO, Sugo Music Group



    These plans hold good for article writing mainly. For specialized writing like Press release, Sales copy writing etc, please write to me at - tarun_chhauda@yahoo.com


    50,000 words a month/12,500 words a week @ 3$ per 100 words - Weekly payment preferred


    30,000 words a month/7,500 words a week @ 4$ per 100 words - Weekly payment preferred


    10,000 words a month/2,500 words a week @ 5$ per 100 words - Weekly payment preferred


    2000 words @ 2$ per 100 words - Valid only once per client and only for clients interested in a long time relationship


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