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Night markets of Bangkok: The famous twelve

Bangkok as a city is known for the variety of shopping options that it offers. But a visit to this city is incomplete without a visit to its famous night markets. Let us try and discover the famous twelve that the city has to offer.

Chinatown market: This market is located at the Yaowarat road in the Chinatown area of Bangkok. This area has been there since the King Rama’s reign and is considered to be one of the culturally rich areas owing to its rich historical past. The attractions of the night market are a whole host of street side food options that are available. To savour this area well, one must tie up with a tour operator as they would make your trip wholesome. One of the renowned tour operator’s is the Bangkok Food tours who run tours which includes letting you have a taste of the local cuisines as well as paying a visit to some popular sights here. The area is counted as the best for offering a cultural retreat as it is one of the older areas of Bangkok.

Silom night market: This night market comes to life in the late hours of the evening. Also known as the Patpong Night market, this market is famous for selling souvenirs, fake brand names and a number of cheap goods. The market is famed for its “adult entertainment” scene in the night and is one of the favourite haunts of the local Expat community as well as the tourist. The market is open from 6 pm in the evening to about 1 am in the night.

Siam paradise Night Bazaar: Located on the posh Sukhumvit Road, this market is famous because of its touristy location. It is owned and operated by the same people who own the Lumpini market. One good reason to visit this market is its relaxed setting. There are large spaces so you can enjoy your shopping here. This is a good area to shop for furniture, home décor and fashion accessories. Because of its touristy location, a great number of good restaurants abound in this area. The market opens at 4 and runs until 12 in the midnight.

Memorial Bridge Night Market (Phra Pok Klao Bridge): Also known as the Saphan Phut market, this one is not very famous amongst the tourists but is the place to be if you are eager to know the latest fashion trends of Bangkok. It is a must visit if you wish to experience the modern youth culture of Thailand. This one’s a heaven for all your apparel shopping, especially if you like the Thai style. Once here, you must also try the fried squid eggs, famous eating dish of this area. To get here, you need to take a boat to Memorial bridge, Saphan Phut pier. The market starts at 7 in the evening and runs late into the night, until 2 am.

Railway Market, Srinakarin: Also known as the Train market, this one is particularly famous amongst the vintage lover’s as almost all things it sells is truly vintage. This place also offers a relaxed shopping experience, given its permanent structures, ware houses etc. The merchandise here on offer includes items of home décor, cars, bikes, antique wares and toys. This market is located alongside an abandoned set of train tracks and a few rusty train coaches. The modified Volkwagon vans and the rusty coaches made into restaurants, serve for a great sight. Located behind the Chatuchak weekend market, this market opens on Saturday & Sunday from 2pm to midnight.

Ratchada Night Bazaar market: This is one of the largest night markets of Bangkok, loved for its beautiful atmosphere in the night. The market started off as a place to buy old vespa scooters and classic car parts. It has now blossomed into a mini showroom for the vintage bikes, scooters and cars. A whole host of other products also find place in the markets such as clothes, shoes, belts, leather bags, CDs, antiques, furniture, home decorative items, and an assortment of knick-knacks. Although most of the goods sold here are vintage (as in used stuff), but you will also find some new stuff as well. The market runs only on Saturday’s from 6:30 pm to 2’O clock in the night.

University Ramkhamhaeng Night Market: Located near to the University, this market is a favourite haunt of the University students. Known to cater to the student community this market offers a good range of budget items. The range of merchandise here includes shoes, clothes, bags and other related stuff for the students. The timings for this market are from 3:30 in the afternoon to about 10 pm in the night.

Klong Thom Market or Flashlight Market: It is usually called the flashlight market for the fact that the vendors use there torch lights to show the products to the customer. The market which is jam packed with stalls is best known for its second hand goods and assorted knickknacks. The range of items here includes the car accessories, the cd/dvd’s, electronic goods, clothes and the toys. On one of its small lanes you can expect to find an item that you will cherish for ever. It is a crazy place for a hobbyist, an inventor as it has unimaginable range of appliances and parts one could use to create a new invention. It is as huge as a shopping mall, the only difference is that it is highly disorderly. But many a customers have discovered the items they long wanted to find. The market opens on Saturday evening at 5’O clock and lasts until Sunday 5 pm.

Khao San Road night market: The market gets a new high in the late hours of the evening. Being popular with the backpackers, this place has become a great option for the Thai traders. Every evening a lot of Thai traders, women and men alike thrive to this place and start selling their wares from on ground. You can lay your hands on a whole range of designer clothes, t-shirts, fashion accessories and handicrafts. A few bars like the Hippie de bar and Brick bar also add to the rush. In the late evening this place gets a carnival kind of setting with music thumping at every nook and corner of the street.

Chatuchak Flower night market: It is located in the midst of the Weekend Market and is open once a week, from about 10 pm on Tuesday night until late afternoon every Wednesday. The flower market is a favourite haunt of the people who devour their senses by buying fresh flowers from this market. It is popular amongst the city’s landscape architects, flower lovers and the romantics.

Night market Sukhumvit Road, Soi Nana: This is probably the busiest market given its location. A lot of shopping malls and good restaurants abound in this area. It is a preferred location for trying out the authentic Thai foods available at the street side stalls. The durian sticky rice and the pad Thai noodles are amongst the favourites here.

Pak Klong Talad (Flower Market): The Pak Klong Talad is the biggest and most amazing fresh flower market in the capital. It is bound to give a great aroma therapy to its visitors. The market is a whole sale market and you see an abundance of flowers conveying there blissful beauty. Marigold, jasmine, roses & orchids adorn the stalls here. These flowers extend their grandeur to the visitors by being well displayed in bouquets and all sorts of other displays. Once here, you might also want to try the lavender soda being sold at various beverage pit stops.

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